The aspiration of Haye Farm is to create sustainable food systems, which support high levels of productivity whilst encouraging an increase in biodiversity and wildlife. Haye farm are one of our providers of veg, burgers and eggs. 

Providers of our free range ham, sausages and bacon, Coombe Farm is organically certified by the Soil Association, as well as the RSPCA's Freedom Food Scheme. They pride themselves on the quality and traceability of the produce on their farm, but also aim to keep their meat curing process as natural as possible. Coombe Farm meat is cured without the help of chemicals such as nitrates, and therefore is a slightly different colour to your standard supermarket bacon- but we think you will be impressed with the difference! 

As suppliers of our breads and pastries, Leakers Bakery are an award winning, organic producer who believe in using simple methods and the best ingredients to create their delicious range. Their bread is free from chemical improvers and ingredients are seasonal, local and organic where possible. 

A new family run bakery, they supply us with sourdoughs which are made with organic flours and locally sourced ingredients. 

Axminster based family run coffee roasters. The Coffee Factory aim for 100% traceability and responsible coffee sourcing to ensure farmers receive a sustainable living cost for producing great coffee.

Bulstone Springs produce outstanding organic eggs and birds for the table from their lovely organic farm in Branscombe. 

We have been lucky enough to get supplies from Bruton Dairy.  With spectacular unhomogenised organic milk, cream and clotted cream, their products are a dream.

An award winning business, winning 6 gold awards in 2019 from Taste of the West. Baboo has a range of gelatos and sorbets, which are made with organic and locally supplied ingredients.

Christopher piper wines are a local supplier who work on the ethos of "top quality products backed by top quality service." They supply us with a range of white, red and rose wines.

Lyme Bay Winery in Seaton Junction are an award winning local wine and cider producer. Jack Ratt is their popular cider which we stock, and look out for some seasonal liqueurs and fortified wines.

Branscombe Vale Brewery is a successful business based in Branscombe. We stock Branoc and Summathat two bitter style beers.

A 300 acre mixed organic farm in East Devon, coupled with an education centre. Trill Farm are providers of our salad, herbs and veg. They follow the highest standard of organic practice and environment conservation.