A little hidden gem by the sea


Seaton Esplanade has always been a place of serenity by the sea. As you take a walk along the promenade, you will find The Hideaway. Tucked away from the rest of the town, we are a place for you to come and escape for a few hours, and watch the waves go by. 


Originally the Chine Café, The Hideaway began with a drastic refurbishment both in aesthetic and in ethos in order to create the wonderful space it is today. Formerly a kiosk, the building now has expanded to provide plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, as well as a variety of food, coffee and treats. 


Here at The Hideaway, we pride ourselves on providing you with quality local and organic ingredients. Everything from our locally caught fish, to our freshly grown salad leaves ensures that we keep Devon’s essence at heart. We treat our suppliers as partners and work closely with them to guarantee that our food is ethically and sustainably sourced. 


We believe in celebrating local talent. Our walls are decorated with art from designers such as Anna Dougherty, and live music is a regular occurrence during the summer months. We also host a variety of events. From Feast Nights inspired by global cuisines to pop up dances, there’s always something exciting going on at The Hideaway. 


Whether you are planning a family lunch, a coffee morning with the girls or simply want some time to yourself with a cup of tea and the morning paper, The Hideaway will provide for your needs. We believe that every customer is important and so we ensure that we provide a variety of menu options: gluten free, vegetarian, vegan and child friendly. Our friendly staff are always on hand to help and to make sure that there’s that little bit more sunshine in your day. 


Due to health and safety reasons, we are now operating by a new system. Rather than queuing at the counter, you will be waited on at your table by one of our lovely members of staff! This means you get more time to speak to our staff and ask any questions you may have about our menu, and less time stood in a queue! A win win situation!


We can't wait to see you. 


Your safety and satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us, so do make staff aware of any allergies or dietary requirements. We do our best to provide a wide range of GF products, cooked in a separate GF oven. We also have many dairy free alternatives available including dairy free spread and plant based milks.

All of our staff will be happy to discuss our menu with you.




We believe in looking after the planet...

With facts about plastic getting worse and worse, and 79% of it ending up in landfill, here at The hideaway we've decided to do our bit and go plastic free. It's a work in progress while we use up last year's stock but we are introducing environmentally friendly utensils and cups into the cafe each day. Within the next few months you will notice that we are transitioning to bamboo cutlery, biodegradeble lids and vegeware coffee cups. Even our bottled water is in BPA free bottles but whenever possible we encourage tap water.

We value your feedback during this time and are excited for THE HIDEAWAY'S plastic free future.

We hope you join us soon...